Change In Visa Waiver Program

On the aftermath of Paris Ai??and San Bernardino Terrorist Attack, U.S Congress passed a bill on Tuesday 8, 2015 to tighten the visa waiver program. Indeed, travelers participating in the visa waiver program who visited in the past 5 years countries like Syria, Irak , Iran , Sudan or any countries linked with terrorism activities will be barred from travelling to United States without Visa.

Visa Waiver Program was launched in 1980 to boost business travel and tourism between the USA and 38 countries . The list of these countries can be found in the Department of State website. Under, the visa waiver program , some aliens visiting the US do not need visas. Ai??Indeed, the program enables aliens from participating countries to enter the US as visitors for up to 90 days without a visa. The House-passed measure is consecutive of US officials Ai??concerns Ai??possible Islamic State members use of the visa waiver program to enter US territories.

Unfortunately, the new bill is not welcomed by all. US travel community is worried on the fact that the change could affect negatively America economy and trade.

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