Why you need an immigration attorney

Being an immigrant is not a right but a privilege .The privilege of citizenship requires allegiance to the laws of United States . And in return, an immigrant is entitled to its protection. Also, many permanent residents choose to further formalize their stay in United States by becoming citizen. Indeed, they are inclined to do so to show their loyalty and love to their adopted country, as well as an interest in the benefits they will receive as citizens. http://immigration.findlaw.com/citizenship/u-s-citizenship-naturalization-overview.html.

It really important to hire an attorney to help you surf the path to citizenship . Moreover, retaining a legal counsel will prevent delay of your application; unnecessary fees and possibly removal proceedings. http://www.uscis.gov/avoid-scams .

It is true that many people offer help with immigration services. But, unfortunately, not all are authorized to do so. As an immigration Attorney , I unfortunately witnessed some clients being removed because they met the wrong people. I have also seen family falling apart because of long delay of cases caused by wrong help in filling petition. I strongly believe that Immigrants should protect their immigration benefits ferociously as their protect their personal assets. Wrong help can Hurt !

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